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Setting Goals:
My mission in coaching is to make sure that every kid is having the best time of their life always, happily involved in everything that we are doing and if not than I will incorporate more of that ones ideas into our snowboard routine. Its all about the person or team that I am working with, whatever dream they have I would like to join with them and have fun fulfilling it. I do my best to be a great role model for everyone that I meet, a good set of morals, ready to push those willing to the top of their dreams.

I have been a part of the US Snowboard Team for 7 years, along with training with my sister Hannah Teter (Olympic Gold-Silver Medalist), and brother Abram Teter (Contest Champion, Video part king) under a off and on snow fitness program. In our training together we have developed a nice program that lays a strong foundation towards self progression and consistency. A quick overview would be a few days in the gym with weights utilizing total body exercises, explosive movements, physical endurance training with bikes, lots of core workouts, out of the gym, stretching, running, skateboarding, mountain biking, hiking, playing soccer, etc… Some of the best riding I have seen from my family and others is when we were all in the best shapes of our lives. Your body is strong for taking jumps bigger than everyone else and you can land a trick that is taken a little deeper if you happen to pop too hard. Being physically fit also allows you too go through an injury and heal faster.

Mental Training:
The mind is what keeps you back after taking a fall so I also like to incorporate a meditative practice into my daily coaching routine. It benefits through many different aspects, setting intentions to be great at whatever we apply ourselves too. Hopefully those I teach will bring the same practice and wisdom to people in their lives. Teaching one another to use different meditation techniques throughout the day. I will be training kids to ride a contests and not be nervous because they have prepared mentally for what they are doing and they are confident and energized to be doing it. Everything is in your head so if you see yourself being on top of podiums in whatever you pursue than you will be. In my crew of riders they will have constant support and feel comfortable with any new trick they are learning or contest runs that they take. A lot of who you ride with makes for how much you are going to push yourself, the kids out there having fun inspiring one another are are the same kids winning contests and inventing new tricks.

Nutrition is a big key to endurance, it allows you to ride all day, everyday with minimal days resting in between. Some keys are staying hydrated with lots of electrolytes, keeping a high amount of calories running through your system especially after riding, eat a balanced diet full of proteins, carbohydrates, fats, and calories that makes your peak energy around when you need it to ride those contests and training days. I would like to use foods that work best with blood types, find allergies if any, use nutrition with those wanting to cultivate more energy. I feel strongly that for the best riding you need to have an optimal amount of energy. People learn tricks faster when they are charged up and ready.

Visualization Technics:
Watching snowboard videos is one of the easiest ways to continue to progress your riding. I definitely encourage it especially if there is a trick that others have done before that you can study and visualize yourself doing before actually attempting it. I also use video review from a day of riding because it helps improve confidence, riding styles, and allows bad tendencies to be seen and corrected. Reviewing a day of snowboarding is also a great way for a team to bond and give each other useful feedback. Kids start critiquing snowboarding from different angles, with a more diverse outlook on riding they will clean up and perfect their own skills.